Winter Rentals: Plenty to Offer

Winter Rentals in Long Branch, NJ

There are many great reasons to stay in Long Branch this winter. Local college students can forego the hassle of leaving the area, and anyone who loves the Jersey Shore and all it has to offer year-round can enjoy a quieter time in this beautiful part of New Jersey.

Living Near the Beach

Many of our listings are well within walking distance of the beach. For example, our two bedroom listing at 15 Vine Court in the West End features an outdoor patio that overlooks the ocean. In the winter, this is a beautiful spot to watch crystal clear winter sunrises and sunsets, going for walks on the beach, and stargazing. And it doesn’t hurt that winters are warmer near the beach!

There are plenty of other outdoor activities to take advantage of in the colder months when the ground is still free of snow. What better way to get great exercise, have fun, and stay warm outside than a game of basketball at the public court next to our beautiful Cape Cod style four bedroom listing at 328 Fairfield Avenue?

Staying Cozy in Our Winter Rentals

Of course, in the winter, plenty of people like to stay cozy and warm inside. Our winter rentals have lovely features that invite people inside and make them feel right at home.

Our four bedroom house at 685 2nd Avenue features beautiful hardwood floors and a new kitchen and bathrooms. Our five bedroom rental at 163 Castlewall Avenue, which is very reasonably priced at $2750/month, has a large bathtub perfect for sinking into a hot bath on a cold night.

Our smaller winter rentals are equally homey and inviting. Unit #1 at 687 2nd Avenue, which is a two bedroom rental, not only features hardwood floors, but also is fully furnished and has a full basement.

Browse Our Winter Rentals

To take a look at all of our winter rentals, which range from two bedrooms to five bedrooms, visit our Winter Rentals page. If you have any questions or are ready to book your Long Branch, NJ winter rental today, give us a call at 732-229-4900 or contact us online.